17-20th May, 2016

Presidente Intercontinental
Monterrey, N.L., Mexico






In a changing electrical market, assuring optimal performance to meet the increased demand
for reliable energy requires an increased knowledge of all the critical components that affect the life of your Transformers.

This seminar offers participants the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of Power Transformer technology, design, testing, maintenance and conditioning. This will help facilitate the operative decisions in a more effective manner for normal or extreme load conditions.
The first three days of the Power Transformer Seminar are directed to Operations and Maintenance personnel that are involved with or have responsibility for selecting, acquiring, operating, maintaining or replacing transformers. The fourth day covers a great variety of subjects relating to the sampling, testing, and assessing of insulating fluids to help extend the life of your transformers.

On the second day, a guided visit1 to either the Prolec GE or WEIDMANN world class plants will be provided. Please note that both organizations reserve their right to limit the visit to non-competitors of their respective industries. The approval to participate in the visit will be available at the registration booth.


1 The participants in the plant tours shall wear closed shoes and no open toed or high heeled shoes.













In the U.S:
+1 802 751 3567

In México:
+52 (844) 413 06 00 ext. 204

+52 (81) 1353 0457

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